5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids

valentines day kids gifts

5 Valentine’s Day Kids’ Gifts

I just love love love love loooove spending Valentine’s day with my family. It’s almost like a low-key Christmas for us, but with more chocolate and hearts and pink and red things. Since the birth of our first son, my husband and I have made Valentine’s day a grand tradition! It is so fun, we typically spend the weekend before Valentine’s day getting our house decorated with hearts and stocking the place up with lots of candy.

Then, we help Baric (our oldest) make his Valentine’s cards for all of his friends. And by “make Valentine’s for his friends” I really mean, “make a huge mess with glue and glitter,” but who cares right? The more mess the better, that’s what I say!

On Valentine’s Day, we have dinner by candlelight which is always such a blast! Baric really gets a kick out of sitting at the table in the dark with the candles lit. And it’s always extra special being able to spend that time to really focus on being a family and celebrate the love we have for each other.

After dinner we have desert and Baric gets a small Valentine’s themed gift. The first year we started this tradition Baric was only 3 months old, so I found this really sweet little heart shaped mirror (he ended up enjoying it a lot once he was a little bit older). The year after that I bought him a wooden heart shaped puzzle, and last year I decided to do a homemade gift. I had sewn him a “love monster” and, let me tell you, he has slept with it every night since!

This year I really wanted to make him another homemade gift because it was so special, but with the birth of our second son, I just have not had the time, newborns are exhausting (ya feel me??!).  So without having the time to make Baric a special gift, I’ve put a lot of thought into finding him something really cool. And since he’s a “big kid” now I have to find something that he can cherish until he’s a smelly teenage boy and doesn’t care about our traditions anymore.

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So without further ado, here is a short list of the toys I’ve had my eye on for our 4-year-old for Valentine’s Day this year:

1. The Donut Book ($12.62)


This is such a great gift for a preschool boy OR girl! It has a TON of really neat and artistic pictures, and the stories are hilarious. Plus, who doesn’t love donuts? This book is a great price and a really cool way to learn about the origin of the beloved donut.


2. LEGO’s Valentine’s Cupid Dog ($21.99)


My son is OBSESSED with legos! And no joke: I think I’m obsessed with this Lego set. But for $22 I’m not sure you’d get the most bang for your buck here.


3. SainSmart Jr. Voice Control Car ($26.99)


WOAH. It’s not an “RC” car, it’s a “VC” Car!! Technology, I tell ya! This thing is voice controlled and makes all kinds of cool car sounds. And sticking with the Valentine’s Day theme, I would pick the red car, but it also comes in blue, yellow, green and silver.


4. Melissa & Doug Cookie Set ($19.99)


Oh, I just love this cookie set. My son is always helping me make cookies in our kitchen, and even though he would totally love to make cookies every night of the week, that’s just not realistic, amirite? I know that he would be so siked to bake pretend cookies with all his buds. I also know that little wooden toys tend to get lost in our house, so the cookie container storage is a very clever idea!

And last, but certainly not least…


5. 3D Death Star Lamp ($19.80)


I mean, it doesn’t get much cooler than a red Star Wars night light. We are pretty big Star Wars fans around here, so I think this just might be the winner. My only concern is what the quality could be like here, but for $20 it’s almost worth it to check it out.

So, there you have it! My five Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your little dude. I hope you were able to get some cool ideas, let me know if you liked any of these gifts or if you have any other ideas you think should be added to the list!

I’ve listed the links for all these products below if you’d like to check them out!
  1. The Donut Book // $12.62 // Target
  1. Valentine Cupid Dog Lego Set // $21.99 // Walmart
  1. Voice Command Car // $26.99 // SainSmart Jr.
  1. Melissa & Doug Cookie Set // $19.99 // Melissa & Doug
  1. Star Wars 3D Night Light // $19.80 // Amazon