7 Spring Playtime Ideas for Any Family

Spring Playtime Ideas

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Since spring is upon us, it’s about time we bust out the outdoor toys! It’s been a long winter at our house and we have all been a little sick with cabin fever. But alas, this weekend was a beautiful 70 degrees and sunny! In February, I know! They call that “Kansas Weather” around here. People always say “if you don’t like the weather…wait 5 minutes, it will change”. We are really hoping spring is here to stay. We’ve been having too much fun outside! Take it from us using these 7 ideas for the best spring playtime!

1. Fly a kite with a fishing pole.

 spring playtime kites

It’s almost guaranteed your child will get a real kick out of this little trick. Reeling in a kite is just as exciting as reeling in a fish!

2. Take a nap in the sandbox

spring playtime sand box toys r us

It’s as close to the beach as you can get without gettin’ your toes wet. These turtle sandboxes hold sand, water, toys, and little boys. It’s definitely a staple for an outdoor spring toy. The turtle’s feet make for a little seat and it’s deep enough to hold lots of sand. 

3. Pick flowers with mom. 

spring playtime flowers

This weekend Baric and I went walking down by the creek near our house. He found these beautiful purple flowers and picked them just for me! We got home with them and decided it would be a good idea to make a vase for them. I dug out one of my old Starbucks frappuccino bottles I have saved for projects, such as this one. We snatched some crepe paper, glue, and scissors and got to work. It was so simple we just cut out different shapes and glued them right onto the glass. We let it dry overnight and it made a perfect vase.

4. Go for a walk.

spring playtime walk outdoor

It’s simple, it’s free, and it’s good for you. Being cooped up all winter long, going for a walk around town is such a breath of fresh air. We have really been taking advantage of this spring weather. It’s an excellent opportunity to get outside and stretch those legs! There are several outdoor shopping malls in our area that we like to stroll around. We especially love to walk by the pet adoption center and look at the puppies. KC Pet Project is the largest no-kill pet shelter in Kansas City. 

5. Find events in your area.

spring playtime events star wars

Living in an urban city like we do, there is always something going on somewhere. We are always searching for free and fun places to go, and we just so happened to stumble upon this free outdoor event where all the Star Wars characters came to visit. It was really exciting, and a great way to kick off our springtime adventures!

6. Invest in foam swords for the open yard.

spring playtime foam swords

Pirates, knights, Jedis and…fishermen? The boys played pretend for hours with these foam swords. They were super cheap and they encouraged the boys to use their imaginations to be whatever they felt like being at that second. Baric used his sword as a fishing pole. Kids have the best imaginations, don’t they? The foam swords are already pretty cheap, there are also several great bloggers that show you how to make them yourself! You can check out this neat tutorial from Crazy Little Projects, here

7. Make friends with a parachute.

spring playtime parachutes

Talk about saving the best for last! These parachutes are what every kid dreams about when walking into the gym for PE class. Did you know that you could find your very own parachute here for less than $30?! Take one of these bad boys to the park and your child will make friends instantly!

What are some of your first activities in the spring?